Following the establishment of the national attitude towards nature and system of sustainable development, proclaimed in the “Declaration on the Ecological State of Montenegro”, the state of Montenegro founded the National Implementation Unit in the Field of Communal Infrastructure and Environment Protection – Ltd “Project – Consulting” (PROCON).

Recognizing the commitment and dedication of the state of Montenegro to the field of ecological development, a number of various international financial institutions and organizations, through their own mechanisms for financial and technical support, joined the implementation of specific projects in order to built the adequate communal infrastructure as a precondition for the sustainable eco-system in the area of wastewater management, water supply and waste management.

The business policy of PROCON is, primarily, dedicate to achieving the objectives defined in the various policy documents of the government, adopted with the aim of realization of sustainable development of the ecological state of Montenegro, as well as implementation of the projects in the field of communal infrastructure that will ensure the prevention of pollution of natural resources, primarily water, air and soil.


In this regard, PROCON main activities are focused on the following:


  • Activities defined through its core business (analysis of the project from the point of feasibility, sustainability and compliance with the strategic planning documents, preparation of required documentation for the sake of initiating the project and, related to this, preparation of the necessary tender documents and initiation of the procedures for procurement of goods, services, works etc. )
  • Enabling good communication with all stakeholders involved in the project implementation;
  • Informing the employees on all priority project activities;
  • Providing relevant information to all stakeholders interested in the implementation of the project, concerning the maturity of the project, as well as abilities and conditions of its funding considering domestic and international standards;
  • Continuous improvement of the abilities of employees in the priority areas of business, as their precondition to carry out the specific business tasks.


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